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Australia's Most Comprehensive, Trusted PV Market Forecast

Australian PV Installation Forecast 2013– 2018

SolarBusinessServices and SunWiz Consulting are proud to announce the release of their latest Intelligence Report, ‘Australian PV Forecast Report 2013-2018’ This detailed report analyses the history of the solar market in Australia, current market statistics and compelling forecasts for the future.

Highly Regarded Industry Experts Share Their Vision

Based on the combined knowledge of Australia's leading solar industry analysts, the report uses the latest market statistics and intelligent analysis to provide data and insightful commentary.

Australia a Top 10 PV Market.... again?

The Australian solar industry has grown at astounding rates in recent years and regained a position the top ten list of global markets. However, it remains highly volatile and subject to a complex array of factors which influence its potential for growth. The Australian market is highly dynamic and will undoubtedly continue its metamorphosis over the coming years in line with changing policies and intense competition. Growth is predicted in some market segments, but importantly, declines are forecast in others. Understanding where to focus is essential for any company operating in Australia.

Thorough, Detailed, Insightful... Essential

The report includes crucial graphs and tables describing the market, thought-provoking commentary and provides comparisons to historical results to provide all-important context. Updated and completed in March 2014, this report is critical reading for companies who are developing business strategies within the Australian solar market.


Bonus Contents

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  1. 2013 Market Wrap edition of Market Insights 
  2. Summary of Hottest Postcodes in Australia


  • Executive summary. 3
  • Table of Figures. 8
  • 1       Introduction. 10
    • 1.1       Notable Trends. 10
  • 2       Methodology and definition of scenarios. 12
    • 2.1       Methodology. 12
    • 2.2       Measuring and predicting total solar installations. 28
    • 2.3       Forecast scenario definitions. 31
  • 3       Trajectories of key metrics. 34
    • 3.1       Input assumptions. 34
    • 3.2       Projections by key metrics. 37
  • 4       Forecast 42
    • 4.1       Overview of Forecast for Whole-Market 42
    • 4.2       Breakdown of Forecast by Scenario. 47
    • 4.3       Grid-connect distributed segment 54
    • 4.4       Grid-connect centralised segment forecast 62
    • 4.5       Forecast for Combined Commercial Market 65
    • 4.6       Off grid non domestic segment 68
    • 4.7       Off grid domestic segment 69
    • 4.8       State-by-state breakdown. 70
  • 5       Backcast – Review of our Previous Forecasts. 76
  • 6       Final Comments  78

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