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Need solar advice? Assistance? A quick answer? SunWiz helps you understand the solar industry, leading to better outcomes for your business or government department. We help you deliver improved outcomes.

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Strategic Intelligence

To support your business strategies, SunWiz produces a range of Industry Intelligence subscriptions. STC Market Movements, PV Trends, Installation HotSpots. Plus special reports including Forecasts and Commercial Market Outlooks. These are all based

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Helping Growth

Whether you're under-resourced or tacking something new, SunWiz helps you with strategic projects. We help each step of large scale systems including projects bids and feasibility studies, award-winning system design, engineering and project

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Independent Expertise

SunWiz is trusted to deliver investigative reports for the Clean Energy Council and Australian PV Association. We've helped Federal, State, and Local Governments assess and review the case for solar power on

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Sales Tool

PVsell is software produced by SunWiz that assists solar companies to sell more solar power. We help you make a compelling sales pitch by accurately proving the financial benefits of solar installation.

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Sunny Electorates

Analysis of Australian Solar Electorates (Commonwealth) 

SunWiz has performed analysis of Clean Energy Regulator data to identify the top solar electorates. Use the interactive explorer below to identify the number of solar systems in your electorate. This will help you identify how popular solar has already become in your electorate, or how popular it stands to become.

The interactive dashboard allows you to zoom in on a particular area. Hover over a sun icon to identify the electorate and its details. Hover over a name in the list of top electorates (by such measures as top # systems, and top penetration), and its location and other details will be highlighted in the other sheets. Each element can also be viewed in its own separate tab. Analysis methodology and static maps are also shown further down the page.

Interactive Dashboard

Click here to open the dashboard in full screen mode. 

Snapshots from Dashboard

Click on each map to load a larger version. Please contact us on 0413361534 if you wish to publish these maps.



  1. SunWiz identified the percentage of each postcode located within each electorate by using the ABS Australian Statistical Geography Standard tables of postcode (POA vs SA1) and Commonwealth Electorate Division (CED vs SA1), joined on the SA1 identifier http://www.abs.gov.au/AUSSTATS/abs@.nsf/DetailsPage/1270.0.55.003July%202011?OpenDocument
  2. SunWiz took information published by the Clean Energy Regulator about the number of installations in each postcode as of 1st October 2012. http://ret.cleanenergyregulator.gov.au/REC-Registry/Data-reports. Where an electoral boundary crosses through a postcode, solar uptake within that  postcode is apportioned as per the land area from step #1.
  3. SunWiz identified the number of dwellings in each postcode from the 2011 Census published in Table Builder by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. https://www.censusdata.abs.gov.au/webapi/jsf/login.xhtml. Penetration (percentage of dwellings with a solar system) was calculated by the sum of the systems in that area (electorate) divided by the sum of dwellings in that area (electorate). Where an electoral boundary crosses through a postcode, the number of dwellings within that  postcode is apportioned as per the land area from step #1.

Industry Intelligence

SunWiz's range of Market Intelligence products helps strategic Solar Businesses to track current trends, manage emerging risks, and forecast future volumes. This assists wise businesses to outsmart the competition.

Governments and NGOs also benefit from SunWiz's extensive knowledge of solar installation history, trends, and demographics.

Outsourced Engineering

We assist solar businesses to manage their growth profitably by outsourcing their engineeringThis typically comprises system design, performance evaluation, and project management.


Outsourcing helps businesses manage peaks and troughs in business, and enables businesses to grow and tackle new jobs with confidence. SunWiz helps new-entrant businesses access skills they can't yet afford in-house, and helps companies that are "too busy" to take advantage of strategic opportunities.


Analytic Solar Consulting

Question: "Who can help me figure out....?" Answer: SunWiz!

Some examples of the analytic solar consulting work we do include:

  • Create Winning Proposals for Large-Scale Solar Projects by performing in-depth analysis of financial return as part of a sales pitch
  • Perform Detailed Performance analysis including modelling shading
  • Help Councils and Clients identify which buildings are most feasible for solar



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