The solar industry has a lot to thank the Liberal party for.

We owe a lot to John Howard. He may not have realised it in May 2007, but when he doubled the Photovoltaic Rebate Program value to $8000, our 2nd longest serving prime minister set in motion a chain of events that would lead to Australia hosting 2 million rooftop solar power systems. (and to celebrate we’re releasing a Australian PV Primer report)

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To celebrate reaching the milestone 2 millionth solar power system installed in Australia, SunWiz has released a new report: the SunWiz Australian PV Primer.

This report is essential reading for anyone seeking to understand the Australian solar market, in particular foreign companies interested in entering the market.

The report covers:

  1. Historical and recent data on volumes, systems, average system size, typical system sizes, penetration levels
  2. Identification of the major players in each segment
  3. Description of the history of the market
  4. Analysis of subsidies, prices, and paybacks
  5. Exploration of current trends
  6. Overview of the storage market and its interaction with the PV market
  7. and much more

Full of charts, analysis, and facts, the SunWiz Australian PV Primer will inform your go-to-market strategy, and assist in communicating the opportunity to HQ.

The price is A$3500 ex GST

Ask questions by emailing

SunWiz has partnered with EuPD to bring you an exceptional report that's ideally suited for wholesalers, and manufacturers of PV panels, inverters, and energy storage.

Understand how retailers see your brand, and how this compares to other brands, and to retailers requirements:


There’s been plenty of talk about how Australian solar households are warming to the idea of battery storage, but little concrete data to back this up. Until now.

A new report from solar analysts, SunWiz, has revealed almost 21,000 behind the meter energy storage systems were installed in Australia in 2017, a three-fold increase on the year before.

On top of that, the report finds that 12 per cent of the 172,000 new solar systems installed in the booming 2017 market included a battery, up from six per cent in 2016.

But what does this trebling of battery storage uptake mean? Is it a sign that batteries now make economic sense to the average Australian household?

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After an extended period of research, SunWiz has released its much-anticipated Australian Battery Market Report for 2018.

The report details the inner workings of the Australian energy storage market for 2017, including: 

  • The numbers and capacity of home energy storage batteries installed in each state in 2017
  • Key news items and projects for 2017
  • List of key projects for 2017 and those coming in 2018
  • Pricing trends and forecasts, plus subsidies available in Australia
  • Financial analysis of batteries for every Australian DNSP
  • Research on customer purchasing motivations
  • Manufacturer public announcements of volume
  • Forecasts for 2018 and beyond

The report finds: (click to read more)

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