This is the seventh article in our Commercial Solar Success series.

Solar companies often fail to truly master the art of referral business. When it comes to commercial solar, this is probably the most important aspect of achieving great success. But it’s not just referrals that you can take advantage of to truly master commercial sales success. There are a number of ways that you can quickly access customers which are just beyond your “traditional” marketing reach.

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2015 hasn't been a great year for Australian PV. Unless of course you're involved in installing solar farms that were proposed years ago to be the world's biggest... but then the world moved on. 

For most of the rest of us, sub-100kW is our bread and butter. So 2015 has been pretty lean... 10% less volume has been installed by August 2015 than by the same time in 2014, which itself was lower than 2013.

2015 was looking woeful... until July's figures came in.

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This is the sixth article in our Commercial Solar Success series.

Have you ever wondered how you can get straight to the decision-maker when selling commercial solar? It’s not always as easy as it sounds, but it’s crucial to succeeding in commercial. If you haven’t yet worked out a strategy to bypass the receptionist “gate-keeper” and give a compelling proposal pitch to the person who matters the most, you’re probably doomed for very low sales volumes in commercial. SunWiz have thought long and hard about this – and we have a few really effective solutions which means your voice gets heard by the right people, giving you an edge and a chance to win more high-profit sales.

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This is the fifth article in our Commercial Solar Success series.

There is tough competition in the solar industry. And unfortunately, many solar businesses are selling on price alone which ends up driving down the value of solar, reducing prospects’ price expectations and damaging the entire industry. This is of course why reaching your prospects first is so valuable. Not only will they assess your offer on its merits rather than how your price compares to another company, but because you found them first, they will feel an obligation to consider your proposal above all others from the get go.

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This is the fourth article in our Commercial Solar Success Series.

What’s a “golden” list of commercial solar prospects worth? Imagine if you could take thousands of leads and filter all the bad ones out in an instant, leaving only the most interested prospects for you to sell to. What a difference that would make to your success in the commercial sector right? But how do you get a “golden” list of commercial solar leads? It’s not as easy as getting a tele-marketing campaign running to call every business in the yellow pages! You need to be smart about it.

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