People should be considering solar hot water (SHW) and solar power (PV) in combination, rather than entirely covering their roof with PV

Prior to 2010, the word ‘solar’ referred more to Solar Hot Water (SHW) than to PV. While solar power was a cottage industry, there were tens of thousands of SHW units being installed every year. At its peak in 2009, the Australian SHW sector installed 200,000 solar water heaters (including air-sourced heat pumps), compared to just over 50,000 PV systems. This all changed in 2010 as PV overtook SHW to be the dominant solar technology in Australia.

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Australian solar industry celebrates the New Year by ticking over 1.5m PV systems and one solar panel per person.

It's official: Australia now hosts 1.5 million solar power systems. That's equivalent to 18% of Australian households owning a PV system. Based upon SunWiz's analysis of Clean Energy Regulator data held in the REC Registry, Australia registered its 1,500,000th PV system on the 22nd December 2015. 

To celebrate, SunWiz - Australia's leading provider of Solar Market Intelligence - is showering you with solar data and charts.

  • Australia's solar installers have been busy. Since 2001 they've installed over 23.2 million solar panels. This means there's now a solar panel for every man woman and child in Australia.
  • Australian solar ranks amazingly well internationally:
    • Australia has some of the lowest system prices in the world, thanks largely to a highly efficient workforce
    • Australia has the highest in the world number of installations per inhabitant - Australians love solar power on their roof more than any other country.
    • Australia ranked 8th in the world for capacity installed in 2014, and is likely to be a top-10 country for installed capacity in 2015
    • PV contributes over 2.5% of Australia's electricity needs.

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SunWiz, developer of PVsell, is seeking a self-starting employee with a diverse skill set.

About PVsell

PVsell is a cloud-based software tool used by hundreds of Australian solar retailers to calculate the Return on Investment for a PV system, in order to secure a sale. PVsell was launched three years ago. Since September 2014, SunWiz has been redeveloping PVsell to make it more intuitive and user-friendly, and increased the amount of help resources, so that we may scale internationally.

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I was overwhelmed with the response to my call-out for donations to Syrian refugees in Turkey. You may recall a little over a week ago, I sent out an email calling for donations of clothes, with which I would take to Istanbul on my visit and distribute to the hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees about to endure Istanbul’s cold winter. I received many responses congratulating me on my actions, and many from people who would have loved to donate clothes but for the fact that we lived in different cities.

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