REC Crisis - Why it Happened (2009)

This document was compiled from SunWiz's research into the REC market, and sent to Australian politicians. It explains why the REC crisis occurred (largely due to solar hot water subsidies) and the impact it would have upon the solar (PV) power industry.
A review of the REC market was announced subsequently to distributing this document to key politicians.

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Analysis of NSW FiT changes (2009)

SunWiz distributed this analysis to clients following the announcement of a gross Feed-in Tariff for NSW. Some of the questions posed have been answered since the implementation of the solar bonus scheme legislation and regulation.  Further analysis has shown that if a 10% reduction in PV system installed price occurs in each year, the economics of solar power shall continue to be excellent, principally because of the large (63% over 3 years) electricity tariff increases proposed by IPART.


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