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Commercial Solar Hot Spots

Top Commercial Postcodes by SunWiz

Focus your marketing efforts where they will pay off the most.


Dominate The Commercial Market By Reaching The Hottest Commercial Prospects

Target the best locations for commercial sales

Instantly find the locations where commercial solar is "HOT"! Extremely valuable to businesses who want to sell commercial solar.

Increase your sales success rate

The time you spend on each prospect will be rewarded with a higher success rate. By targeting commercial prospects more likely to buy!

Maximise your time effectiveness

Your time is valuable - commercial hotspots gives you a massive time-advantage by scoping out areas "ripe for the picking".

Lower your sales overheads

Salespeople spending hours canvassing regions which aren't ready costs you money! Get them targeting regions with higher solar uptake instead and you'll see faster sales turnaround.

Pin-point Accuracy

Our data is accurate - and this helps you sell MORE! Imagine having a "sniper" advantage rather than shooting blind trying to win commercial jobs.

Take advantage of the "Keeping up with the Jones Pty Ltd" factor

Your competition is targeting commercial - more overall volume is moving AWAY from residential and TOWARDS commercial. So get the upper hand now and keep up!

Top 20 postcodes by recent volume

with recent growth rate identified. In your selected state (or Top 40 nationally) in each category, along with identification of growth:

  1. Micro Commercial (7-9kW)
  2. Small commercial (10-25kW)
  3. Medium Commercial (25-50kW)
  4. Large Commercial (50-100kW)
  5. Industrial & Utility (>100kW)
  6. Commercial overall (10-100kW)

Example: Top 20 Postcodes in Tasmania Micro-Commercial.


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