SunWiz is a consultancy that assists solar industry growth. We do this by assisting businesses and governments evaluate solar power and form strategic plans, and by providing tools and services to the solar industry members that improve competitiveness.

We are a team of dedicated sun lovers with a unique skill-set - where passion for solar energy meets a love of data and aptitude for business intelligence. We've had plenty of experience in the solar industry, which we entered in 2005; SunWiz was founded in 2009.

We service all of Australia from our office in beautiful Byron Bay.

We regularly present at conferences, where you'll often find us displaying innovative marketing strategies (including the memorable marketing mascot "Sunny")

SunWiz Solar Consulting


SunWiz was formed in 2009 when the lack of Australian solar engineering services was observed.

Building upon seven years engineering experience, five years of solar energy design, installation, and consulting, SunWiz entry into the market was elegantly timed. The launch of the "Successful Solar Strategies" report occurred one week after the REC market crashed, just as SunWiz had predicted. In the interests of the Australian solar energy industry, four excerpts of the report were released over the course of a week. These, completed by the in-depth full report, illustrated why the REC crisis had occurred, was here to stay, the impact it would have on solar businesses, and many excellent strategies that smart business could use to survive and succeed.

Since then, SunWiz has assisted many solar businesses refine their marketing, improve their processes, and expand their sales. Find out what SunWiz can do for your business.

About the owner

In the course of his seven years of involvement in the solar energy industry, Warwick Johnston has:

  • Received an award for Contribution to the PV Industry
  • Won three awards for Best Australian PV installation over 5 kW.
  • Assisted over 500 solar companies to increase their sales profitability
  • Completed his masters in Renewable Energy
  • Project managed the installation of over 600 kW in an innovative solar neighbourhoods program
  • Designed and project managed the innovative installation of Australia's first use of solar panels as a freeway noisewall
  • Designed and project managed the innovative installation of Australia's largest vertical double-glazed BIPV facade
  • Consulted to numerous local governments, state government sustainability agencies, schools, and leading major businesses on:
      • Solar Power Economic Evaluation
      • Renewable Energy Resource Evaluation: Solar, Wind, Biomass, Hydro
      • Energy Efficiency Opportunities
      • Innovative Passive Solar Design
      • Innovative Solar Thermal Design
      • (find out more on our past projects page)
  • Won a fellowship for Solar Air Conditioning investigation
  • Contributed to many solar committees, as listed below

Industry Contribution

Warwick enacts his mission to contribute to the success of the Australian Solar Energy Industry through devoting 20% of his time to the industry:

  • Chair of the PV Directorate of the Clean Energy Council
  • PV Leadership Committee and Policy & Advisory Committee of the Clean Energy Council
  • Brains trust of Solar Citizens and Australian Solar Council
  • Australian representative on the International Energy Agency's PV Program (PVPS)
  • Australian New Zealand Solar Energy Society (ANZSES /ASES) - former treasurer.
  • Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA) - inaugural member of incorporated body and former chair of NSW chapter
  • Australian PV Institute (APVI)
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