SunWiz produced ten customised proposals for a client who was trying to convince customers (including Local Governments) to put large PV systems on their roofs.

SunWiz was commissioned by a panel manufacturer that was putting together a proposal for a 200kW system on a shopping centre. SunWiz performed detailed system design for the purposes of finalising costing, which therefore suggested performance, maintenance, and financial savings could be achieved by optimised the wiring runs. SunWiz then took solar performance data and determined the 25 year financial outcome.

Comparison of 3 Solar Power Modules

SunWiz was engaged by a solar installer to conduct detailed modelling on the performance of three solar power modules. SunWiz was able to provide a range of data on the power models to better inform the installer and their subsequent dealings with the products. Analysis included; solar energy yield, price post REC, estimated annual revenue, calculated true payback, internal rate of return and power temperature coefficient.

SunWiz was commissioned by a panel manufacturer to perform a financial analysis of a 5 MW solar farm on an agricultural site. This involved detailed analysis of the customer's bill, including half-hourly load and solar comparison for a year's sample data.

Review of 10 kW system connections

SunWiz performed research into the current policy and procedures for connection of a 10 kW system to the NSW electricity distribution network.  This was conducted for multiple network providers and allowed SunWiz to provide detailed advice to the client. This information helped to distinguish the subtle differences in procedure between network providers and the impacts of connecting to 2 and 3 phase power.

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