An installer wished to install a 30 kW system across two roofs, but the site had constrained roof area, and only a single phase reached across to the second roof. SunWiz identified a high-performance 22kW three-phase system could be connected to one roof using highly efficient panels, if stand-offs for the southern roof were used. The alternative proposed was to install a 30kW system across two roofs using six 5kW single-phase inverters.

As part of a panel manufacturer's ACT Solar Auction EPC bid, SunWiz performed a detailed system design and field layout for a 3MW solar farm.

Detailed Design Drawings

SunWiz can provide detailed system design drawings along with, 3D shade modelling and circuitry plans. If there is a technical design document needed for your project SunWiz has the capacity to produce it.

As part of its Intelligent Solar Designs work, SunWiz was engaged to produce a batch of over 50 performance simulations for various system configurations being installed by a retailer concerned with upholding their reputation. This arose from SunWiz's commissioned audit of CEC paperwork compliance requirements, and resulted in improved compliance and reduced business risk.

Shading Analysis

SunWiz conducted a detailed analysis for a solar installer client relating to the minimum set back between two rows of solar panels in order to ensure high levels of performance. The modelling included assessment of annual performance for the area, losses due to shading, comparison to the ideal if there was no shading, installation orientation (landscape or portrait) and pitch.

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