Weather preparing a proposal or assessing a proposal SunWiz can provide expert assistance. SunWiz’s proposal services include, budget estimates, risk analysis, detailed documentation and subcontractor engagement. See below for more on proposal services.

Over the years SunWiz has developed lasting relationships with a range of solar service providers. SunWiz can help you identify the most suitable team of contractors to successfully complete your project.

Identifying risks and barriers to the smooth completion of your project in advance can reduce the likelihood of cost over-runs. Some risks are avoidable and others are able to be mitigated, SunWiz has the experience and foresight to work through the risks of your project with you.

Detailed documentation of proposals include price, conformance to tendering requirements or project guidelines, safety record, technical performance of design, past performance and delivery record, quality assurance procedures, project timelines, life cycle costing, financial capacity, production capacity and capability, warranties and guarantees, long term considerations and local industry contentment.

Accurate budget estimates can be developed to determine either the total cost or component costs of a project. This can ensure a winning bid that is still profitable for the investor or allow the investor to compare what is a valid and complete quote. For example SunWiz produced a budget estimate for inclusion in the Rigby House tender.

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