SunWiz’s range of detailed design services ensure that you get the best value for money on your solar project. If its system designs, cost/value engineering, data monitoring systems or grid connection, SunWiz has you covered. See below for more on detailed design services.

SunWiz has had years of experience in designing innovative solar systems. Installations designed by SunWiz work right first time and often can be implemented at lower costs due to clever planning. For example SunWiz created a panel numbering system to systemise the ease of install and thus reducing the cost of installation. This is just one of the many solutions possible with a SunWiz design.  Examples of large scale system designs completed by SunWiz include the Metricon Stadium, Ballarat University, Tulla-Calder Interchange.

SunWiz can design and deliver data monitoring systems for any kind of project. Data monitoring systems help with the evaluation and comparison of designs or can be implemented to monitor the performance of a solar system.

A solar system is more than the sum of its parts which creates opportunities to save on project costs. Installation technique, layout, spacing and wiring all contribute to the overall cost of a solar project and SunWiz has the skills to ensure you are getting the best value for money. For example SunWiz was able to reduce panel costs of the Metricon Stadium by 14% by improving the wiring layout plan.

With long established contacts in the energy sector SunWiz is able to facilitate the grid connection of your solar system to ensure a smoother process and a quicker, less-costly connection. SunWiz will provide all necessary documentation to the relevant parties and ensure that your solar system interacts correctly with the network.

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