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Australia’s solar hotspots

Australia’s solar market grew 61MW in the month of April, maintaining a fairly steady rollout over previous months, with Queensland accounting for nearly half the total. According to data assembled by leading industry analyst Warwick Johnston of SunWiz Consulting, the 61MW reflects the amount of PV registered – rather than installed in Australia in April – but even though there is a lag in registrations, it is a fair reflection of the market.

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Glaring errors are littered throughout a recently released paper being used to lobby the Queensland government to eliminate its feed-in tariff.

AGL’s chief economist, AGL’s head of economic policy and sustainability and an AGL energy market analyst recently released a paper “Queensland solar feed-in tariffs and the merit-order effect: economic benefit, or regressive taxation and wealth transfers?” Many of its calculations are laughable however, as are their assumptions and arguments. This article presents a small sample of such failings, which are shown to overstate costs, ignore the benefits to welfare of PV purchasers who are predominantly lower-income, and lead the reader astray.

Nelson and Simshauser’s calculations are appallingly inaccurate, as detailed below. Together these add ~24-40 per cent to the costs claimed.

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AGL Solar Feed-in Tariffs and Merit Order Paper: Lobbying Masquerading in Academic Robes

A recently released paper by AGL’s chief economist, its head of economic policy and sustainability, and an AGL energy market analyst continues to distort the truth about Australian solar power by masquerading lobbying activity as a formal academic paper.

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NSW Solar and Renewable Summit Presentation

SunWiz was invited to speak at the NSW Solar and Renewables Summit. Read what we said below.

NSW Solar Summit Visuals

Presentation on Award Winning Metricon Stadium 215kW BIPV Solar Halo

Check out Warwick Johnston's presentation on the Metricon Stadium BIPV Solar Halo

Carrara Stadium

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