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The question presently burning in the minds of many solar company directors is “How can my residential-focused PV sales and installation company successfully service the dawning Australian market for large-scale solar?” Faced with comparatively bleak prospects for residential PV for the coming summer, many are eying off the commercial PV sector as a way to survive.

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Hot on the heels of unprecedented growth, Australian solar installations will reach a cumulative 1 GW by the end of July 2011. Installations in 2011 alone are on track to exceed 1 GW, with monthly installation  rates increasing fourfold within the first half of the year. Concerningly, the growth is unsustainable, indicative of a race-to-the-cliff, as severe wind-back of incentives has recently occurred. But a promising glow is developing on the horizon, with the government’s recently announced suite of long-term clean energy policies presenting a transformative opportunity for the Australian solar sector, if it can survive the next twelve months.


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Astrophysicists predict that our sun will eventually grow to envelop the earth, before falling back to be a white dwarf star. The growth of the Australian solar industry may not be quite so cosmic, but the national forecast is showing signs of a gathering storm. Could the same factors that are fuelling growth be those that create an implosion, leaving behind little but a dwarf industry?

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This article featured in DKSH's February Newsletter and on Renewable Energy World

After several years of unstoppable growth, is the Australian PV industry on the verge of the unthinkable, market collapse? Sure, there’s been challenges arise before: the end of the rebate, stock shortages, cash flow, delays in government payment. And your company has managed such issues… after all, you’re still here. But is your company prepared for the next level of challenges that lie ahead? At the end of 2011, will you expand into markets previously held by your now-defunct competitor, or will your company be crippled by a perfect storm?

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The recent flare in growth of the Australian PV industry has seen the number of PV system installations outshine solar hot water system installations for the first time ever in Australia.

Australia is viewing the dawn of PV growth that the rest of the world has already enjoyed. SunWiz reported in an earlier REW article that Australian PV installations had topped 70MW in 2009. All indications point to the Australian PV industry enjoying a 500% increase in growth this year, eclipsing the 366% growth from last year. Interestingly, Australian PV installations have recently eclipsed installations of Solar Hot Water (SHW) systems.

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