Wow! ... (takes a breath)

Its been 10 years.

SunWiz first published market data one decade ago.

and what a cracking decade its been!

Who'd have thought we'd grow from 6MW/month in 2009 to... (wait for it)... 206MW/month in 2019!


10 years publishing solar energy data has taught me something:

It's the best-informed companies that thrive and prosper


Operating a business without market data is like fighting a battle in the fog of war,

while your enemy has GPS tracking heat-seeking missiles


Okay, maybe that's a bit extreme.

But it's no coincidence that market leaders all read SunWiz


Now I reckon that 206MW/month isn't fast enough to stop climate change

I reckon the entire industry needs a boost

Our real competition isn't each other:

Its fossil fuels

(and fossil fools)



To help accelerate the solar industry

To help solar businesses make a decent return on their efforts

To help spread the good news

(and to help demonstrate great reasons to subscribe)

I've decided to make SunWiz data free.


Yep, Free.


Yeah yeah yeah

I'm not running a charity

I've got a family to feed

Plus a wife with high expectations

(wife says): "don't forget about all the dough you spend on gadgets"


So I can't give away everything for free

I'll give enough away to keep you informed

To help you make strategic decisions

and to whet your appetite for more


You'll get volumes of solar installations 

sizes of solar installations

prices of solar installations

residential, commercial, industrial, utility

what it takes to rank in the top 20


And then you may want to know

Which top-20 company recently grew by 90%

Which 7 companies are sustaining contractions of 10%-33%

Which leading company installed 2x the number of 100kW systems of their nearest competitor

Which company surged up the ranks of the >100kW rooftop volume

Which companies are getting the most Victorian Solar Rebates

Which four Bunnings have registered LGCs

Which #1 panel retailer grew their market share by 25%



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(Oh yeah, we also recorded this Vodcast interview with whom we thought displayed the best technology innovation at All Energy)