PVsell Now Provides Contact Details for Most Australian Businesses

As of today, we've upgraded our PVsell user offering. PVsell users now get access to the Business Contact Details at their fingertips, embedded into your PVsell Dashboard.

Here's how you can use it:

  • Identify targets to sell PV to, and research their business online, in linkedIn and in NearMap with just a click.
  • Leverage your recent commercial sales to drive more business, using the "Keeping Up with the Jones Pty Ltd" effect - businesses don't want their competitors to have an edge on them.
  • Enter a company name and find all similar companies in the region, or
  • Target a specific industry segment and region.

You can find these interactive tools embedded in the "Hot Spots" tab within your PVsell Dashboard.

Its just another way we're helping PVsell users transform their business profitability, by saving them time and increasing their success rate. 

Learn more about the resources PVsell provides for your business success.

For example, the screenshot below identifies all Digital printers with a postcode starting '31xx', and I've selected the company Apple Print. Their Contact details are shown, and a click of the mouse will give me search results for the company in Google, LinkedIn, or their address in nearmap (if you have a nearmap subscription).



Learn more about the resources PVsell provides for your business success.

Which PV Retailers installed the most in 2015?

We recently published a lot of information about Australian PV's recent milestones of 1.5 million PV systems, and a solar panel for every Australian man woman and child. The article was so popular that we're releasing additional information on the Australian PV market in 2015: the top states, top postcodes, top retailers, and largest PV systems for the year.

In this newsletter, we're revealing which were the top retailers in 2015 nationally and in each state. Interestingly, there's been some significant movement in the top ranks in Q4-2015, not the least being the spectacular return to the top order of a major retailer.

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Australian solar industry celebrates the New Year by ticking over 1.5m PV systems and one solar panel per person.

It's official: Australia now hosts 1.5 million solar power systems. That's equivalent to 18% of Australian households owning a PV system. Based upon SunWiz's analysis of Clean Energy Regulator data held in the REC Registry, Australia registered its 1,500,000th PV system on the 22nd December 2015. 

To celebrate, SunWiz - Australia's leading provider of Solar Market Intelligence - is showering you with solar data and charts.

  • Australia's solar installers have been busy. Since 2001 they've installed over 23.2 million solar panels. This means there's now a solar panel for every man woman and child in Australia.
  • Australian solar ranks amazingly well internationally:

I've written before about the difficulties facing the Australian solar industry in 2015. Volumes in June 2015 were 20% below volumes at the same time last year. But amidst the vast ocean of pain, there are sunny islands of joy. To provide an easily comprehensible example, this chart (an analysis of Clean Energy Regulator data) plots how each postcode fared in 2014 compared to its 2013 volumes. The colour shows the amount of growth or contraction that occurred in 2014 compared to 2013 volumes, and the size of the dot indicates the volume installed in 2014.

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