Why you absolutely must tackle the commercial market (and how to tackle it most profitably) - Part 2

In part 2, we're going to see more reasons and resources to tackle the commercial market profitably:

  1. The residential market is saturated; the commercial market is untapped
  2. You have the opportunity to define the terms of engagement
  3. Commercial is where all the profit is
  4. Get in on the Commercial Snowball - ("keeping up with the Jones Pty Ltd")

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Here's what's in Part 1:

  • The residential market is dying; the commercial market is thriving
  • Commercial's competitive advantage: cheap operators can't afford to master Commercial PV
  • There's no margin for error (but this acts in your favour)
  • Its a numbers game, maximise your efficiently and efficacy

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Last week we emailed you requesting your input on a survey SunWiz is running on the Reliability and Warranty service of major inverter and panel brands. We've had 45 responses thus far, which is enough to provide preliminary insight, but not nearly enough to say anything conclusive. 

What do you think? Have your say at http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/2036400/Solar-Power-Product-Quality

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Clearing House News

The Clearing House is approaching the point of shifting in Q1, and could likely Clear in Q2

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Sunny's Report Card for 2014

If the life of a child named "Sunny" was used as an analogy for the Australian Solar Industry, 2008 would be the birth. 2009-2011 would represent its infant years of fits and starts, growth spurts, testing its independence from its governmental parents. 2012 was the year of wild excitement that a 4-year-old enjoys before the reality of attending school hit in 2013. But after studying hard, 2014 can be viewed as the year that “Sunny” finally started to grow up.
So, what lessons can be learned for 2015? A lot is revealed by "Sunny’s" 2014 Report Card.
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