To celebrate reaching the milestone 2 millionth solar power system installed in Australia, SunWiz has released a new report: the SunWiz Australian PV Primer.

This report is essential reading for anyone seeking to understand the Australian solar market, in particular foreign companies interested in entering the market.

The report covers:

  1. Historical and recent data on volumes, systems, average system size, typical system sizes, penetration levels
  2. Identification of the major players in each segment
  3. Description of the history of the market
  4. Analysis of subsidies, prices, and paybacks
  5. Exploration of current trends
  6. Overview of the storage market and its interaction with the PV market
  7. and much more

Full of charts, analysis, and facts, the SunWiz Australian PV Primer will inform your go-to-market strategy, and assist in communicating the opportunity to HQ.

The price is A$3500 ex GST

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