PVsell now includes (free with all subscriptions) brilliant market intelligence from SunWiz that can help you target the best places to sell solar, use social evidence to help you convert sales, and compare your success to the broader market. Known as Solar Hot Spots, you’ll find this interactive market intelligence tool embedded within PVsell.

This information is based on detailed analysis of Clean Energy Regulator data, which has been analysed and is displayed in various interactive dashboards that allow you great insight into the data and help you apply the market intelligence to your business. Note that the most recent data is based off incomplete STC registration which has been projected based off historical ‘lag’ factors and which takes a couple of months to ‘true up’ to the highest degree of accuracy. Hence the recent 2 months’ volumes are less accurate than earlier data.


  • Solar companies spend a lot of time and money reaching customers. Concentrating your efforts on where they’re most likely to bear fruit can improve your business profitability.
  • “Keeping up with the Jones’” is perhaps the most common reason people buy solar (whether or not they realise it). Fear of being left behind by their neighbours can increase the likelihood of sale.
  • Many PV retailers operate in the dark, and aren’t aware that they’re falling behind the market. Our national and state snapshots also let you celebrate your success as you beat the market.