This is the fifth article in our Commercial Solar Success series.

There is tough competition in the solar industry. And unfortunately, many solar businesses are selling on price alone which ends up driving down the value of solar, reducing prospects’ price expectations and damaging the entire industry. This is of course why reaching your prospects first is so valuable. Not only will they assess your offer on its merits rather than how your price compares to another company, but because you found them first, they will feel an obligation to consider your proposal above all others from the get go.

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This is the fourth article in our Commercial Solar Success Series.

What’s a “golden” list of commercial solar prospects worth? Imagine if you could take thousands of leads and filter all the bad ones out in an instant, leaving only the most interested prospects for you to sell to. What a difference that would make to your success in the commercial sector right? But how do you get a “golden” list of commercial solar leads? It’s not as easy as getting a tele-marketing campaign running to call every business in the yellow pages! You need to be smart about it.

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This is the third article in our Commercial Solar Success series.

Hitting a region with a low commercial uptake of solar is a really tough gig. Businesses haven’t seen their peers using solar to offset their commercial power bills. If you’re spending time doing this then you might as well be throwing money out the window. Knowing target regions that are “hot” for commercial solar is very powerful stuff. By marketing to the neighbours of businesses in an area with high solar uptake, you are getting very close to decision-ready prospects.

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This is the second article in our Commercial Solar Success series.

How do you target businesses when you’re looking for commercial solar customers? Do you use direct marketing? Google Adwords? Facebook advertising? Newspapers? TV? Radio? What about door-knocking? Have you ever wondered how you could find the types of businesses who buy solar quickly and easily? Imagine for a moment 2 scenarios:

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This is the first article in our Commercial Solar Success series of articles focused around how you can establish a successful commercial sales process.

Businesses come to us so too often saying that they are struggling to grapple with the challenges of commercial solar customers. Many businesses just haven't been able to take off with their commercial success for a variety of reasons. You might be succeeding in residential, but with the market share swiftly shifting more and more to commercial, it's essential for all solar businesses to get a firm grasp of what's required to succeed in commercial solar. We've created this series to help address the challenges that the commercial sector brings (and help you achieve higher profits). 

Selling commercial solar is completely different to residential. The systems are larger, there are technical considerations, the decision-makers are usually tougher and the whole process can take much longer. In fact it’s not unusual for commercial solar systems (10kW+) to take more than 3 appointments, many quote variations and 6 months, a year or more of waiting for a decision! So knowing this, how does a solar company go about hitting the commercial sector in the most effective way possible? Here are some tips from SunWiz based on our extensive analysis of what successful companies are doing right, and what gaps exist:

What you need to know

Here are a few things which are absolutely crucial if you’re planning to enter (or expand) commercial solar targeting:

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