This is the twelfth article in our Commercial Solar Success series.

It’s tough in the commercial market. Businesses can take their time in making decisions and what’s worse is they can have multiple decision makers – some of whom are not always able to be contacted directly. Business decisions are often made at board meetings so it’s absolutely imperative that your proposal speaks loud and clear.

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This is the tenth article in our Commercial Solar Success series.

If a prospect knows all the benefits of going with your business, they’ll choose you no matter what. If they truly understand the value that you deliver over your competitors then they will undoubtedly be happy to pay more to you – and every extra dollar they pay is an extra dollar in profit! So why not have your prospects automatically educated about solar, so that you don’t have to do all the hard yards? Get them to intimately understand what makes your business stand out so that you have an easy sale on your hands.

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This is the eighth article in our Commercial Solar Success series.

Any solar business owner knows how much time is worth. When you’re doing things right, the sales are pouring in and profits are good. When you’re not using every opportunity effectively, you’re wasting time with tyre-kickers, being rejected and competing for low-profit jobs. Simple optimisation can help you make the most of your valuable time.

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This is the seventh article in our Commercial Solar Success series.

Solar companies often fail to truly master the art of referral business. When it comes to commercial solar, this is probably the most important aspect of achieving great success. But it’s not just referrals that you can take advantage of to truly master commercial sales success. There are a number of ways that you can quickly access customers which are just beyond your “traditional” marketing reach.

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